History and Mission

Vox Planning began in 2006 in Roseville, California, and thanks to our many clients and projects around the world, we have expanded to include more than two dozen direct staff in California, Pennsylvania, Argentina, and Budapest with additional deployed staff at many site locations.

At Vox Planning, we believe the integration of emerging technologies and information management with existing skills presents opportunities that will revolutionize projects as we know them, and we seek to help our clients span this transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age.

Our goal is to continue growing, supporting clients and projects with exceptional skills and experience, as we embrace this transition to the Information Age with particular emphasis in the implementation, execution and operations of renewable resources and emerging technologies.

Our experience and technology assets positions Vox Planning with the understanding and capability to assist in the execution of increasingly complex projects, particularly in the traditional energy, transmission, and renewable sectors as well as emerging Offshore Wind and Hydrogen.