Executive Summary

Vox Planning provides On-Site Staffing, Consulting, Home Office Support and Remote Services for the development, execution, and ongoing operation and maintenance (O&M) of major capital projects, programs, and portfolios with focus on optimization, staying on track, and recovery or acceleration.

Our experience ranges from the development of Standards for multi-billion-dollar Capital Programs to recovery of impacted projects and includes many projects where we have staffed personnel on-site.

Combining our depth of experience and involvement in wide ranges of projects and programs with technology enablement through our infinitrac Document and Project Management platform, Vox Planning brings experienced human resources together with proactive and effective ability to manage the information, documents, drawings, and associated data necessary for project success.

Our experience spans more than 300 Projects across Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America with key sectors including:

  • • Renewables (PV Solar, CSP Solar, Hydro, Onshore Wind and Offshore Wind) with 37 Solar Projects, 54 On-Shore Wind Projects and more than 10 Offshore Projects.
  • • Major Transmission (Gas and Electric) and Transportation with over $10 Billion executed over the past 5 years.
  • • Natural Gas Combined Cycle and Other Fossil (Coal, Oil, Waste, Biomass) with more than 75 Power Projects.
  • • Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Battery and Compressed Air Storage
  • • Desalination
  • • Marine (shipyard and offshore) and Liquefied Natural Gas
  • • Wood Pellet Manufacturing & Distribution