One of the environmental concerns with using fossil fuel is, due to the length of time required for Biomass to Fossilize, we are depleting our planets supply. Bio-Fuel Plants create a renewable energy source by utilizing Carbon based Organisms in a much earlier state. This earlier state allows the resources required to be funded by renewing crops usually local to the Plant. The environmental impacts are far less than fossil fuel because most of the Carbon is housed in a plants root structure, which is commonly left in the soil to assist the next crop. (Learn More)

Combined / Simple Cycle

With any combustion turbine, about 50% of the total energy produced can be utilized in a single thermodynamic cycle; the rest is lost as exhaust. The potential to capture the energy off the back-end of these turbines was recognized and the idea of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) was developed. These HRSGs are large boxes placed between the Combustion Turbine and the Exhaust Stack that forces the Exhaust to pass by many Tubes of Pressurized Water, heating the water, and ultimately pushing a Steam Turbine in a Steam Cycle.

In a simple cycle power plant gas or oil is burned to drive a gas turbine. The gas turbine drives a generator to produce electricity. These plants offer excellent operational flexibility for cycling, peaking or continuous service while providing additional benefits through high fuel flexibility. (Learn More)


Steam plants use hydrothermal fluids that are primarily steam. The steam goes directly to a turbine, which drives a generator that produces electricity. The steam eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels to run the turbine. (Also eliminating the need to transport and store fuels!) This is the oldest type of geothermal power plant. It was first used at Lardarello in Italy in 1904, and is still very effective. Steam technology is used today at The Geysers in northern California, the world's largest single source of geothermal power. These plants emit only excess steam and very minor amounts of gases. (Learn More)

Solar Power

The sun is the most reliable source of energy to reach our planet. Throughout time many have recognized the sun as the cornerstone supporting life as we know it, and it’s only appropriate that we find new ways to thrive off its gifts. Solar Power is currently the largest growing energy consumable, and rightfully so. Solar Plants (particularly Steam Cycle Solar Plants) have extremely low emissions and the efficiency of these plants is competing with all other combustion facilities. The costs of running are low as there is essentially no fuel involved. Various plants are being developed around the world in both Photovoltaic (UV Capturing Solar Panels) and Concentrating Solar Power (Concentrating Heat using Focused Mirrors to heat Water or Oil to a Turbine). (Learn More)