Combined / Simple Cycle

PGE Colusa Generating Station
The Colusa Generating Station is a state of the art combined cycle natural gas power plant under construction in northern California. Once operational, it will provide 660MW of electricity to the California Power Grid. The plant consists of 2 GE 7FA Natural Gas Turbines, 1 GE Steam Turbine, and Zero Liquid Discharge system to minimize water loss. Vox Planning has been contracted to provide Schedule and Project Controls support, as well as ongoing support to assist in the Start-Up schedule review and project forecasting.


Calpine Corporation
VOX is responsible for the Schedule Development and integration, maintenance of the Schedules throughout the design and construction phases, as well as the reporting requirements We have assisted in the execution of 83 separate Power Plant Projects ranging from Simple Cycle peaking plants to complex multiple unit Combined Cycle plants with extensive offsite linear elements. We have also developed Impact Assessment Reports, key to the strategy for claim avoidance and management. We manage up to 12 Project Sponsors covering up to 35 ongoing Power Projects and also managed the development of Web-based Daily Reporting System, Matrix Schedule Integration toolset, and XTrac’s Project Controls Tools.


Greenfield Energy Center
A Natural Gas-Fired, Combined Cycle plant providing 1,005-Megawatts Peaking Baseload meeting the demand of hundreds of thousands of homes in Ontario. Was built to satisfy increased pressure from the Ontario Government’s Clean Air Objectives. VOX’s responsibilities included providing support for recovery of control of the project schedule. Provided direction and training to onsite contractor personnel to establish baseline schedule as well as appropriate quantity tracking tools.


Total Western, Inc.
The world's first combined-cycle platform with the capability to reach 60 percent thermal efficiency, the H System is a key component of GE ecomagination, a corporate-wide initiative to develop and market technologies that will help customers address pressing environmental challenges.

Operating on natural gas, the two GE 107 H combined-cycle units at Inland Empire will produce enough power to supply nearly 600,000 households while reducing future carbon dioxide emissions by more than 146,000 tons a year, compared to a typical gas-fired power plant of a similar size. The new power plant is expected to enter commercial service by the summer of 2008, in time to help offset state-forecasted energy shortfalls in Southern California.

VOX supports Total-Western, Inc. legal counsel in assessment of schedule impacts related to the GE7H Inland Empire project. Responsibilities included providing an updated assessment of cost and schedule impacts, cause and effects. Provided support for development of the project schedule as well as support for ongoing project execution.


ARB, Inc.
As one of California's largest, most environmentally responsible power producers, Calpine is dedicated to developing clean, reliable and cost-effective energy solutions for its customers. The Otay Mesa Energy Center will generate a low-carbon energy resource - demonstrating that Calpine's customers, California and the environment can benefit from the continued development of new power generation facilities like the Otay Mesa Energy Center. Our responsibilities include development of the project master schedule.


ARB Niland
A 93-megawatt Simple Cycle Power Plant built around 2 GE LM6000 PD SPRINT NxGen Combustion Turbine Generators. VOX developed the Project Master Schedule for the Niland Power Plant.


CGV (Mitsui, Chubu joint-venture)
A Natural Gas-Fired, Combined Cycle plant just outside Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico. This site is one of only 5 that provide all the power needs of the Yucatan Peninsula (including Cancun and Merida). VOX assisted during a scheduled outage for repair on one of the HRSG Units. Responsibilities included on-site support for Schedule Maintenance and Execution, Shift Reports for 24-hour work schedule, and Electronic Documentation of all sensitive material to the project for broadcast to owners in Japan, Project Managers in the US, and Construction Managers in the US and Mexico.