Solar Power

Solar Tower Systems
STS's vision is to lead the development, demonstration and deployment of next generation solar power tower plants and their components. STS’s power plants are aimed at a global customer base in a market hungry for cost competitive, sustainable solutions to energy security and climate change mitigation. VOX Co-founded Solar Tower Systems, GmbH to pursue advances in the development and supply of heliostat based solar fields.


Ausra Pty. Ltd.
Ausra designs, manufactures, installs, and operates solar thermal energy systems for customers around the world. Amid growing public demand for clean energy, Ausra’s next-generation solar thermal energy systems provide reliable, scalable, and cost-competitive renewable energy solutions for both power and industrial steam customers. Ausra’s solar thermal energy systems can also serve as an integrated sustainability strategy for fuel and carbon market risk reduction.

Jülich, Germany – Responsible for the execution of a turnkey supply contract for an 18,000 M2 self contained Solar Heliostat Field. This effort required mobilization of a production facility to support fabrication, preassembly and bonding of the Heliostats as well as field civil, electrical, control and installation. Additional responsibilities included managing issues related to International Operations, Immigration, Taxation and Commercial relationships.

Bakersfield, CA – Ausra’s initial R&D Facility effort in the US. A 3-Line Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector facility was built with the capability of producing 5-megawatts of power. This was a pivotal effort in bringing Ausra into the development of Utility Scale Power. VOX was responsible for building the Project Master Schedule and monitoring Schedule Execution throughout constructi