Impact Assessment (Claim) Management

From a scheduling standpoint, the goal of every project is to be delivered on time and within budget, with desired functionality and acceptable quality level. In an ideal world, projects follow early starts and early finishes, float is not consumed, deadlines are met, the contractor never files claims for time extension, and the owner never assesses liquidated damages. Such a scenario rarely exists on projects – events occur that potentially affect the planned completion of work, requiring a need to evaluate the impending impact of this event on the project schedule.

An Impact Assessment (Claim) is a means of measuring the effectiveness of organizational activities and judging the significance of changes brought about by those activities. The purpose of an Impact Assessment is to identify a discrete issue and determine its relationship to activities or past delays in order to substantiate the impact a delay may have on a project schedule. As such, Vox Planning, Inc. assists its clients by analyzing, preparing and validating Impact Assessment claims for schedule delays and disruptions.

Other Impact Assessment References:

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  • Modeled, Additive, Single & Multiple Base Analysis
  • Impacted As-Planned
  • Impacted Baseline
  • Impacted Update Analysis
  • Fragnet Analysis
  • Fragnet Insertion

In the event an Impact Assessment is required, Vox Planning is equipped to provide ongoing support in preparing, assessing or validating a party's performance. Vox Planning’s consultants utilize standard industry means and methods to identify, quantify and prepare Impact Assessment (claims).

General Steps for Performing an Impact Assessment (Claim):

  • Contract analysis.
  • Review & validate/compile as-planned schedule.
  • Insert fragnet of activities representing delays into reasonable as-planned schedule.
  • Constructive review of impacted schedule.
  • Identify variances between planned & impacted schedules.
  • Causation analysis.
  • Identification, quantification & apportionment.


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