Schedule Development

Those who have experienced a solid and effective schedule know it is the one place to start when examining decisions and their downstream effects. Vox Planning possesses the mastery to build out proper schedules that are easily maintained and scalable. Our keen attention to detail gives us a skill few posses, which is, the ability to return a failing schedule to a successful, profitable one. We examine all aspects of the job as it relates to measurable time, material, financial, and resource values from now to completion.

Our senior staff has over 30 years experience in Project Planning and Controls and have worked on virtually any kind of Project there is. Our junior staff has several years experience in Project Planning and come from years of construction histories, from building custom housing to managing subdivision construction.

The mindset and approach our Scheduling Team takes are focused on the immediate tasks that lead to solid and informative schedules. The Complete Scope of a project is always monitored and used in reporting decisive effects. All coding and terminology is taken very seriously, we only use intelligent identifiers and, as a regular maintenance, always clean up our codes. Resource loading is the final key that balances a project’s Timely Completion with a Realistic Budget, as such, we take our time with a fine tooth comb to be sure no hang-ups become surprise costs.

Using our standards, and some special tools that we've developed, we were able to reduce the Schedule Development cycle of one firm from several months to just a couple of weeks, while dramatically improving the quality and usefulness of the resulting schedules. We can do the same for you!